Transform Marketing into a Strategic Lynchpin in Your Company
Download the Forrester report to learn new rules that inspire a lead to revenue management strategy that will receive optimal results.

The need to calibrate marketing spend to revenue generation was the seminal driver of lead-to-revenue management (L2RM). But shrewd B2B marketing leaders are re-engineering their lead-to-revenue (L2R) process to transform marketing into the architect of customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle. This report not only builds the case for undertaking this marketing transformation, but also presents five new rules to enable it.

Download this report and learn:

  • Why L2RM is an opportunity for marketing to catch up with an already evolved buyer
  • Why the funnel is insufficient for envisioning a transformational lead-to-revenue initiative
  • How five new “laws” of L2RM will transform your marketing department
  • How to build your L2R strategy to guide your buyer’s journey from need to outcome
  • How to plan, staff and manage expectations at the start of a L2RM initiative to maximize results
Download The New Physics of Lead-To-Revenue Management from InsideView.

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