Your Social Selling with Twitter Game Plan

5 Twitter Lists You Should Have

6 Applications to Make Sales More Productive with Twitter

Whether you're just getting started with social selling and Twitter or you want to brush up on the basics, this Social Selling game plan can serve as your essential guide to becoming an effective B2B salesperson using social selling.

Some sales people have specific lists to a company they are working with. This way, they can funnel all updates from the company and the people in the company that are posting on Twitter. This information gives you some insights to what’s happening in the organization and can alert you to any changes they experience.

Twitter is a fantastic social media for sales tool, as it can work wonders for lead generation and even sales productivity.  Yet, as great as Twitter is, it can also take up a shocking amount of time, especially if you are going to use it for business. That means you simply must be efficient. Let's take a brief look at 6 smart tools that will help you use Twitter in a more productive fashion.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Use Twitter for Social Selling