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For Whom the Phone Rings:

A Sales Guide to Effective Outbound Prospecting


In For Whom the Phone Rings, you’ll uncover the keys to outbound success in a sales environment classified by technology, data overload, and social connectivity:

  • How outbound prospecting can help you grow your business
  • How to build a team of prospecting that get responses
  • How to add sales intelligence to your outbound efforts
  • A guide to outbound etiquette
  • How to move your customers with your sales pitch

Learn key tactics and strategies for Outbound Sales Prospecting

There comes a time in every sales reps' career when he or she has to depart from the carefully planned sales process that hours of management sweat has constructed. A time when they have to travel through uncharted waters to a sales territory with no definition; to a place outside the safety net carefully knitted with cushions of marketing-generated leads. It’s the time when they’re called upon to sell outbound.

Outbound selling requires a particular skillset that’s constantly changing as new sales trends and technologies emerge. It’s been a long time since many of us have dusted off our outbound practice, so we enlisted the help of Mr. Outbound, long time sales expert and architect of InsideView’s outbound business.