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Discover how to leverage real-time contact data and customer insights in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to turn your prospects into customers.
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Fill your pipeline with high quality leads that are primed to purchase. InsideView helps companies find better prospects and hot opportunities with real-time contact data, news alerts, and company insights. Save time on account research, cut costs, and win more deals.

With InsideView, you can:
  • Increase win rates by up to 15 percent by leveraging insights from breaking news and alerts, social media buzz and more
  • Save time spent on pre-call research by over 70 percent by having all the intelligence you need in one place
  • Cut costs by eliminating data subscriptions & list purchases
InsideView gives you access to over 50 million company and people profiles, aggregated from 30,000 global sources--including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Your data records stay clean thanks to features like one-click sync, which ensures your sales people always have current information. And you’ll boost CRM adoption by giving your people access to everything they need to succeed, inside CRM.
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"In sales, information is power... To win business, we need to know the movements of our clients and competitors... The customized search agents in InsideView give us valuable information to help us be successful." -Tim Thorpe, Black & Veatch

"If a salesperson shows up and asks, 'What keeps you up at night', he may as well hang a sign that says 'I'm not prepared.'" -Charles Frydenborg, Rosetta Stone
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