32 Sales Tools for 2013
Discover 32 must have sales tools handpicked by the experts

In December 2012, six experts in the B2B Sales industry came together for a webinar to find 32 of the must have sales tools for 2013. That webinar has been transcribed and enriched into this eBook brought together by InsideView.

Although you may not be seeking new sales tools, this eBook will nonetheless open your eyes to several effective products for sales professionals and teams alike.

The 32 Sales Tools for 2013 is a mix of cost-effective and free tools. Download your free copy to see!

This essential list of 32 sales tools will reveal some of today's hottest tools that all sales teams and professionals need to have for 2013. You will learn:

  • A list of essential platforms needed for successful social selling
  • 5 sales intelligence tools reps need to know everything about their prospects
  • Today's most effective products for sales productivity
  • Tools that individual sales professionals need to generate their own hot leads
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